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Bedbugs Control and Advisory

  • Bedbugs Control and Advisory


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Date : July 27, 2018
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Location : 1212 Street, Suite 2

What kills bed bugs for good, fast and easy. Cost-effective and money-wasting bed bug control methods.

Before you start killing bed bugs, it is important that you first find where they are hiding. Signs to look out for are blood stains on bed sheets, bed bug fecal spots, egg shells and shed skin, and lastly a foul odor from bed bug scent glands. What is the best way to kill bed bugs in your home completely?

Are insecticides the best way to kill bed bugs?

Insecticides are probably the best way to kill bed bugs. There are a wide variety of insecticides on the market. However, you should note that pesticides are hazardous so precaution should be taken when using them. Do not spray directly on the mattress and keep out of reach of children. It is advisable that you use a combination of different insecticides to get rid of bed bugs for good because they can easily become resistant if one type of insecticides is used.

Before you buy pesticides, you should know that there are different classifications of insecticide application, namely:

Indoor surface

Also known as residual treatments, indoor surface treatments focus on areas where bed bugs normally pass as they go to feed on their prey and their breeding areas. This type of treatment is highly effective because it stays active for a longer period.

Indoor space and fumigation

With indoor space treatment, bed bugs are treated directly. These are normally aerosol sprays, so when using them, spray the insecticide in the air where the bed bug infestation is. This treatment can be used to treat clothing and stuffed animals, ensure that you hide these items in a plastic bag or lock them in the closet for about 25 minutes before you spray.

Creases and Crevices

These applications are good for hard to reach areas like crevices and creases. Here granular pesticides are applied using a brush because the brush easily penetrates the cracks and crevices deeper than insecticides applied as a wet spray.

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